1 Heavy-duty aluminum alloy pulley is radially crowned for perfect trackage and prevention of wear. Pulley is dynamically balanced.
2 Shield caps protect sealed precision bearings from dust, abrasive particles, sanding refuse and belt grease. Zerk fitting is provided for greasing bearing. One shot of grease per week is all that is required under normal use.
3 LEATHER BOOT (not shown) covers tracking device to eliminate dust, dirt and wear. Entire pulley is adjusted both laterally and radially by single extension arm, which activates patented tracking linkage. Provides precise adjustment for all types and weights of belts from ½” to 6” width.
4 Rugged spring action allows greater tension on wide belts, more accurate tension adjustment on narrow belts. Adjusting screw is protected by accordion type neoprene boot.
5 Remote control tracking arm extends to front of lathe, telescopes for adjustment of different length belts. Control moves belt in either direction on pulley and contact wheel to precise position required, with no overtravel.
6 Telescoping remote control tension arm allows operator to adjust belt tension from his polishing position without lost time or motion.
7 Sturdy, heavy-duty base is designed for maximum support and maximum accessibility to idler.
¨ IDLER PULLEY SIZE – 6” wide X 10” diameter
¨ PULLEY CONSTRUCTION – Aluminum, radially crowned
¨ BEARINGS – Precision ground, sealed and capped
¨ TRACKING CONTROL – Telescoping remote control arm
¨ TENSION CONTROL – Telescoping remote control arm
¨ BASE – Heavy-duty
¨ IDLER WEIGHT – 74 lbs. SHIPPING WEIGHT – 88 lbs.
¨ Aluminum Alloy Pulley
¨ Telescoping Remote Control Arms
¨ Sealed Precision Bearings With Zerk Fitting
Rock-Mill L-610 Backstand Idler mounted behind polishing lathe. Note convenient location of control arms.
The Rock-Mill L-610 Backstand Idler is designed for unequalled flexibility, ease of control, and reliable performance! Universal joints on the remote control arms permit mounting of the arms above or on the front of the polishing lather to suit the operation. Simple, rugged construction, combined with precision machining, produces a smooth-working idler … light enough for use with narrow belts … sturdy enough for the heaviest roughing.
The L-610 can be mounted readily at any distance behind the polishing lathe to accommodate any belt length. The position of the idler pulley relative to the contact wheel assures belt wrap-around at the proper position on the contact wheel. For perfect performance, observe this precaution in mounting: be sure the pulley shaft of the L-610 is parallel with the shaft of the polishing lathe, and that center lines of the contact wheel and the idler pulley are in line.