About Us

1978 Meadoweld Co. was established serving the welding and repair needs of a small ranching community around Centennial, Wyoming.

1994 Meadoweld Machine relocated to Northern Illinois. Meadoweld incorporated in the state of Illinois and settled into its' present location – a 11,000 sq. ft. industrial facility in South Beloit, IL.

1996 Meadoweld Machine purchased the Atlantic Maintenance of Way product line (O'Bear Abrasive Rail Saws) from Production Machinery Inc. of Rockford, IL.

Today, Meadoweld Machine designs and manufactures a line of railroad maintenance of way equipment that includes production abrasive rail saws, track panel lifters, and a variety of railroad maintenance equipment. Meadoweld also, designs and manufactures non-related railroad equipment that includes: custom designed machines, polishing lathe back-stand idlers, dies & fixtures, machine tool retrofit and machine repair.

Casey A. Meadows – Founder of Meadoweld Machine
  • 27 plus years experience in railroad industry.
Doug Wallace - President of Meadoweld Machine
  • 20 years experience in the transportation industry
Jaime Wallace - Secretary and Treasurer