Production Rail Saws

Our new generation of Production Rail Saws offer the following features:
  • Extra heavy-duty construction for years of dependable service.
  • Superior spark retention (abrasive cutting sparks are confined to the track center under the machine).
  • Standard 26-inch blade up to the new 28-inch abrasive saw blade developed for more cuts per blade.
  • Pendant controlled power feed system that improves blade life and virtually eliminates operator fatigue.
  • 180° saw head rotation, which eliminates machine turning.
  • Air cooled gas or diesel power.
  • Increased fuel capacity.
  • Backed by a staff of experts.
Production Rail Cutting Is Our Thing!
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RS-100 Rail Saw

RS-96 "Grizzly" Rail Saw

RS-98 "Nu-Bear" Rail Saw

Stationary Rail Saw